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Moneyworks Accounting Software | MoneyWorks Data Centre


MoneyWorks Datacentre

MoneyWorks Datacentre is the ultimate accounting server software for hosting multiple accounts databases on a central server. It provides all the power, features and flexibility of MoneyWorks Gold (MoneyWorks Gold operates as the network client for Datacentre), while providing the convenience of non-stop server-based networking and easy accounts sharing for multiple companies simultaneously.

  • Server-installable service—Always on
  • Multi-user access to multiple accounting databases simultaneously and on-demand
  • Modern, fast network database server
  • Concurrent client-licensing—Install MoneyWorks Gold client software on as many workstations as you like
  • Automatic backup and archive
  • Automatic delivery of client software updates
  • Automatic delivery of custom forms and reports to clients
  • 100% compatible with MoneyWorks Gold databases
  • Cross-platform networking
  • Bonjour™ zero-configuration network browsing
  • Includes one full MoneyWorks Gold license. Base installation includes 3 concurrent client licenses. Add as many additional concurrent clients as you need with easy-to-install server license keys.

$3444.25 NZD

MoneyWorks Data Centre