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Sage 50 Accounting Software | Sage 50 Instant Plus 2015 - Single user, Single Company


Is Sage 50 Instant Plus right for me?

Sage 50 Accounts 2014 lets you to manage your customers and suppliers more professionally, and flexible management reports will give you greater insight into your business. It includes:

  • Nominal Ledger, GST Ledger, Profit, Loss and Balance Sheets make sure you can perform crucial business tasks easily.
  • In-built diary and dashboard lets you see an instant view of your credit position and manage your suppliers.
  • Managing your quotations, invoices and orders electronically – send and receive them via email.
  • Advanced budget management, refunds, discounts & easy bank reconciliation.
  • Create product records, review product activities and analyse monthly sales values and quantities sold.
  • Build your customer communications with up-to-the-minute records and full saved customer history.
  • Forge strong customers and supplier relationships with flexible payment methods: cheque, BACS or e-payment.
  • Analyse your business’ performance, integrate with Microsoft Excel and run batch reports. Customise your reports with our Report Designer.
What's New in Sage 50 2014
As always, you'll still be able to make light work of your day-to-day accounts, but now you'll also be able to take advantage of the following new features.

Lock Date
Prevent users from back dating postings prior to a given date.
Sage 50 2014 will allow you to prevent postings being made before a given date. Typically this would be the end of the last month although it can be any data that you like. The purpose of this is to ensure that entries are not made that would affect reports that have already been presented to management. Using Access Rights you can control which users are permitted to override this lock. 
Chart of Accounts
Improvements to the Chart of Accounts.
A new preview pane will allow you to see a mockup of the layout of your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet while you are editing the Chart of Account. In addition, there is a new Taxation category that will allow you to show your profit both before and after taxation. Initial setup is easier as well, with new layouts for business type such as Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company and Charity. 
Quick Search
A quick way to search the Sage data files.
All the main ledgers now have a quick search box. Type in a word that you want to search for and click the Quick Search button to get a list of matches. A Clear button allows you to quickly return to the full list. It's not as comprehensive as our Adept Sage 50 Viewer program however it's a big improvrmrnt. 
Quick Print
Print your documents with a single click.
You can now define the default layout to be used with Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotations and Purchase Orders. A new Quick Print button on the tool bar will then allow you to print a document using the default layout with a single click. 
Support Homepage
A centralised product and user information resource.
All the information that was previously available from the Help About menu option has been cosolidated on to one easy to use screen. In addition there is a load of additional information, some of which was inspired by our own Adept Sage 50 Health Check add-on. 
Easier Installation
Enhancements have been made to the Sage 50 2014 installation and registration procedures.
Improvements include a new network installation routine that will even create the network share for you.  

Sage 50 on Steroids !

Significant performance improvements have been made in many key areas of Sage 50.
Improved productivity and efficiency for users, particularly in a multi user environment in addition to improved software stability and integrity


$709.55 NZD

Sage 50 Instant Plus 2015 - Single user, Single Company